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I recently read about the Kel-Tec P-3AT in the March-April issue of Women & Guns.

I liked what I read about the gun and I've received some recommendations as I am looking for a gun for easy concealed carry and many of the larger weapons (even my S&W airweight .38 spl) are hard to conceal because of my body type and the clothing I wear (FL heat lots of thin materials and elastic waists or long cotton dresses).

I do have a couple of questions about the P-3AT. I thought, "Who better to ask than the people who actually use them!"

So here I am.

1 - The article mentions that it can fire the +P ammo. Has anyone ever fired the +P with their P-3AT and what were your thoughts on how the gun fired with those rounds.

2 - The article's author said, "And finally, although we sent a lot of rounds through this little gun, it is important to note that the P-3At is not designed for repetitive target practice, but for concealed carry. Once enough rounds have been fired to give the owner confidence, the pistol should be honorably retired from range work and placed in a pocket where it can fulfill the purpose for which it was designed. The P-3AT is simply not designed to withstand the battering of dedicated training or frequent plinking."

Obviously when I want to put hundreds of rounds through a paper target I'll use my Ruger 22/45 or Mark II ... or even my trusty Taurus PT-99.

But I also don't want to purchase a gun that I can only put 100
rounds through.

The article doesn't say what "a lot of rounds" means to the author.

What would you consider "a lot of rounds"?

Can I put a couple hundred rounds through to get used to this gun and then on occasion put another 10 - 20 through to keep myself confident and comfortable with the gun?

How sturdy is this gun? I know it isn't a range gun. Wouldn't
expect it to be. But I don't want to get stuck with something I can only take to the range once and then never use again.

Does that make sense?

3 - I have no experience with modifying a firearm and am somewhat hesitant about making mods on my own. Are the modifications discussed necessary, purely optional or a mixture of the two?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


Carole K.

P.S. - I have posted this same question in another Kel-Tec users group so if you post in more than one group and you've seen this twice, my apologies.

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Re: MrsKey

Thanks everyone! This is what I was looking for - advice from people who actually shoot them!

I appreciate y'all taking the time to answer and I can't wait to come back here after I've gotten and fired my P-3AT! :D

flybob said:
The only issue I see for a woman is the force needed to work the slide of the P3AT-380. If you can handle that then go for it.
Thanks for the tip, Flybob. I don't think it should be a problem as my Taurus has a pretty stiff slide, so I'm pretty used to it.

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