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Just a thought or two... If working the slide is a problem, try a P32, essentially the same gun with an easier slide, in a slightly less caliber, that holds an extra round and has a slide lock (P3AT does not have a slide lock... yet). The P32 is also a teeny, tiny bit smaller and lighter; Same finish and color options; Same lifetime warranty, and possibly better reliability, if only because it has been in production much longer and is now more refined. Additionally, it has less recoil than a P3AT which can be significant. Limp-wristing can be an issue with the P3AT size/weight/power ratio that would not be a problem with your other guns. If possible, shoot a P3AT before purchasing. If for some reason you don't like it, you'll like the P32. Odds are, you'll love them both! We'll be looking forward to some P3? pics and a range report.
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