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A lot tougher little gun than you think.....

Greetings and welcome to the forum!

Most of the Kel-Tec products may be light and look delicate but they're a lot tougher than you think.

I don't shoot mine much but, as you suggest, 20 rounds a week is not going to make a dent in a P-3AT's durability. I know there are Kel-Tec 9mm P11's out there that have 10,000 rounds through them and are still going strong. All three popular Kel-Tec pistols utilize the same components: polymer handle with an imbedded aluminum frame, heat-treated steel slide and barrel, and all-steel mec-gar magazines.

My P-3AT is box-stock, other than the addition of a Bersa finger extension. You can shoot and enjoy your P-3AT right from the box, although I would always recommend a field-stripping and cleaning to remove any burrs or machining debris. (Mine was clean and pristine from the factory!)

Although I steer clear of most +P ammo, you may shoot moderate amounts of it through the P-3AT.

Not knowing your expertise with firearms, I predict you will like the handling, trigger, and shootability of the P-3AT.

I carried my P32 around in the sweaty heat of Atlanta for 3 years and did not detect a speck of rust or corrosion

If you decide to buy one, please be sure and share with us your initial impressions.

Best Wishes......
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