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Since this post was originally about the DeSantis Nemesis holster for the P-11, I'd like to add my .02 worth.

First of all, I read a rave review for the P3AT Nemesis holster, so I ordered one for my P3AT. I must say I couldn't be happier with that holster. It's just what the "Doctor ordered" so to speak. Wonderfully designed and works perfectly.

When I took the plunge and bought my P-11, I decided to order a Nemesis for the P-11. The work clothes which I normally wear have large pockets, so that makes front pocket carry for the P-11 a viable option for me.

To say I was severely disappointed with the P-11 holster is an understatement. IMHO it must have been designed by someone other than the P3AT Nemesis designer, or else the designer was "out to lunch" that day.

Try as I may, I could not achieve a proper grip on the pistol and about 20 percent of the time I came up with both the pistol and holster still attached to each other. Not a good situation. I seriously thought about sending the holster back. But I so loved the P3AT holster that I decided to try to make the P-11 holster work properly.

First I unstitched the seam binding around the holster opening. I then carefully studied the P3AT holster and transferred an oversized design of its cut to the P-11 holster. The basic problem with the P-11 holster is that, as the factory supplies it, the holster comes almost straight up from just behind the trigger guard to a point very high on the grip. This leaves very little of the pistol grip exposed, thus precluding achieving a proper grip when drawing the weapon.

I then took a pair of sewing scissors and cut a good sized tapered piece from both sides of the holster. I was very careful to leave the trigger guard fully covered, just as the P3AT holster is designed. I then restitched the seam binding around the new opening. Now the holster works as it should. It isn't as pretty as it would have been if the factory had performed its job and made the holster properly in the first place, but it now works well.

Sorry I don't have the capability to post pictures.
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