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defensive ammo

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Hey everyone,
New to this site but not new to Kel Tec. I've had a couple but I just bought a 3AT for carry, would like to carry it with a little more aggressive ammo than the standard 380, just wonder what some of you may reccommend, I know Kel Tec says that it will stand plus p but not as a steady diet. Don't neccessarily want plus p but maybe a hollow point for a little more advantage but I know these little guns can be picky about ammo. Anyway just wondering what might work best. Thanks
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Critical Defense and Critical Duty seem to be the ammo of choice for many.
You might want to go to a 13# recoil spring in the gun if you're shooting hot ammo. Cuts down on recoil. Bought mine from Wolff.
I've had good results with Remington's Golden Saber in my .380. I carry Winchester Silver Tips in my P-32, and they've always been completely reliable. I haven't tried them in .380 yet...
In 9mm, Hornady says Critical Duty was not meant for short-barreled pistols. In .380, Critical Defense offers the best compromise between penetration and expansion. If you want a bit more penetration, (like in winter), at the sacrifice of a bit of expansion, go with Hornady XTP.
many mango seasons ago i did a ammo test with the p3at and three types/brands of ammo. i shot gold dot, hydro shok and just good old fmj ammo. the test was 12 inches of wet wire bound phone books setup about six feet from the gun. what i found was the hp ammo, gold dot/hydro shok only went in around 6/7 inches. the fmj went all the way through and made a big hole in the back. so that sold me on the fmj ammo for carry in the p3at. also the fmj ammo all ways fed. i know this test was not like other high dollar test. just something i did in the back yard one week. but it told a lot about ammo and how it works.
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