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I had sent my P3AT barrel to KEL-TEC because it has severe tool chatter throughout.

They told me before I sent it in that they had them in stock,I asked because I need my barrel back by this friday.

Anyway they recieved my barrel 4/26 @11:51,I just got off the phone with them,no barrels in stock!It'll be next week!

Man I hate being lied to.If this is the way they do business I'll make sure I pass it along to everybody I know.

((((((((RANT OFF)))))))))))

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Sorry that you've encountered a problem. I doubt that it is a situation of being "lied to". They ship a bunch of stuff out each day and the stock may have dwindled between when you first spoke with them -- and this last call.

Also, we have discovered a situation (discussed in another thread) where some possible headspace issues may exist on other P-3AT barrels. Out of prudence, KT may have pulled ALL of the P-3AT barrels to check the headspace prior to using them as parts or in other new production P-3ATs. Such an action, if it occurred, will take time for someone to physically check each barrel.

I know that doesn't help you get your P-3AT back in action. But, they've got good folks down there -- and I haven't known them to intentionally be deceptive (they didn't have anything to gain in having you send your barrel in without a replacement available).

Another thing to try in the future for "elective" parts replacements, is to ask KT to send you the new part first -- charging your account, and you'll send the old one back -- crediting your account.

Again, sorry you're out of action with the P-3AT -- and I hope the barrel comes to you as quickly as possible.

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Customer Service


flyandscuba is telling you the truth!, Kel-Tec has the very best customer service that I have ever dealt with.

They are better than Smith & Wesson and all the big names!.

The only negative thing that I have heard people have problems with them over was some defective night sights.

Remain cool! they will fix you up asap!

$800 Box

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Well the day my barrel got to them I called again because I was tracking it thru the USPS.I was told one was on the way.

Then when I didn't get it today I called and they said it would be next week.

To me thats telling a "story" to appease me for awhile.

But today about 1538 CDT I received a e-mail from Kel-Tec...all is well now! :lol:

I really need the pistol by tomorrow because I use it as my carry gun when I go on business trips.I can just drop it in my pocket and nobody knows.

Heres the e-mail I received...minus the tracking #

We did receive it on 4/26. Normal turn around times are about 2 to 3 weeks. However, when we receive barrels in here for exchange, we try to get them out of here ASAP. As soon as we logged it in the system, we handed it to the gunsmith to test fire a new barrel and it is going out today 4/29. Normally we send it out UPS ground but I will go ahead and Next Day Air it to you. Hope this helps.

Tracking number is: xx xxx xxx xx xxxx 4765

Kel-Tec customer service
1475 Cox Rd.
cocoa, Florida. 32926
web site
Phone # (321)631-0068 fax # (321)631-1999
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