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Custom Grip Colors!

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KTRange Secret:
Make a grip for your P-32 any color you want!
First, order an Ivory grip from KT - 20 bucks.
Now... buy a packet of Rit dye powder a shade LIGHTER than what you want. I used Rose Pink for my test piece: it looks that way in the pic, but in person it's almost red.
Use a two-quart pot, and dump the entire packet of powder into it. Add one quart of water and bring to a boil. Stir up the dye till the salt is fully dissolved, then lower the heat to a slow simmer. Mmmmm!!! No, don't drink it.
Make sure your grip doesn't have the hammerblock or mag catch in it. Then, lower it into the boiling dye with a fork, gently swishing it around to allow the liquid into all the nooks and crannies.
Let it simmer for at least 20 minutes. No less!
The dye will fully penetrate the polymer, not just coat the outside.
Now, rinse it THOROUGHLY with cold water. Get every trace of salt off; it's not a bad idea to use soap. You don't have to worry about washing the dye off. It's in there!

Now dry it, put everything together, and either give it to someone or go to the range with your new, "Custom Combat" P-32!
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i dont know if anyone is monitoring this thread, but do you think you can do this to a glock(not in pink, though!)?
as far as i know, the only way to do it is to start with an ivory (white) grip, and dye it. i havent heard of a way to "bleach" the black out of a grip. i dont know anything about glocks, but i dont think they offer ivory grips.

i guess there is always Krylon!

ya know, a john deere green p32 would be sweet, with a john deere yellow trigger and mag release. hummnn.....

packin heat said:
ya know, a john deere green p32 would be sweet, with a john deere yellow trigger and mag release. hummnn.....
That would be sweet! I have seen some Glocks in OD ,but i cant carry and OD pistol.... just doesn't feel right. I noticed on the keltec site that the lightest P11 grip colour offered is grey. Has anyone actually done this mod with the grey grip? My wife very much wants a pink/chrome p11 for her 1st pistol. if anyone has done any experimenting, pls post or email me.... my wife's personal protection is at stake!!
ps: I was thinking: if you suspended the grip partially submerged, then dipped the other half, you very well might have a two-tone gun!(green/yellow) :)
i dunno what would happen if you dyed a grey grip. might work. might just haveta leave it in the dye longer? yeah flyer mentioned the dipping thing once, like making a red, white and blue grip from an ivory one by dipping 1/3 one color, and another 1/3 another color, leaving a white strip in the middle
Maybe for a tie dye look you could put silicone over the areas you don't want to absorb the dye, then remove the silicone and redye another color (now putting silicone over the areas you dyed the first time). The boundary areas would probably absorb a little of both colors, creating a third.
tie dye grip

ph, you gotta start spending more time at work. that hoppes #9 is beginning to color the gray stuff behind your eyes. :lol:
8) When I did MaGee's, I dyed an ivory grip while they were still available. Her original was gray. After I was sure the dye job would hold up' I reheated the SAME batch of RIT purple dye
[Ya, I'm that cheap! ] , and dipped the gray frame. Results:
perfect match. Please don't tell MaGee, she'd be P.O.ed that I spent the money on the ivory one. [ She is cheaper than me. :wink: ].
I have since sold it to a fella who carrys, shoots, and is thrilled with it.
HTH MaGee's Husband
i spend all week at work..i just dont work while im at work! i found a loophole!
tie dye

AHA.............another "out of body experience"! how do you do it?
simple..there just isnt anything for me to do! and i still get paid! im on salary!! hahaha!!!
Speaking of wild colors on Glocks, I just heard a rumor today that starting sometime this year Glocks will be available in custom colors, including PINK! Dunno if it's true or not, but it'd be wild!
Flyer, as a Master Dyer, could you give me a best guess? The Neon Pink on this web page appears to be close to the original Kel-Tec P-32 grip color. When I get brave enough try it on my last P-32 Ivory Grip would you recommend any change in the cooking time to get that Kel-Tec color :?:

I found the Neon Pink cheap online, so I’ve placed my order.

Wilson – who’s wondering what all those little parts in the grip, do and are they needed
Shouldn't you be using color swatches from your wife's shoe store? :lol:

TxCajun said:
Shouldn't you be using color swatches from your wife's shoe store? :lol:
Well, this could be a twofur. If I don’t come close enough to the factory color to convince her it’s an original, it will get shipped off to CCR for refinishing.

Wilson – who’s still looking for an el cheapo to do in gold with brown slide
Interesting stuff, now, how hard is it to remove the "guts" of the gun? Any tricks?



Jim101 said:
Any tricks?
A bit of info here and here :arrow:

Wilson – who’s always happy to see others in the doghouse :lol:
Rit dye the P-11

Ever seen the movie "Duel"? starring Dennis Weaver? Remember the Demond semi truck? Well Dye a grey P-11 grip yellow and thats the color you get.
Are you sure it is necessary to remove the mag catch and hammer block? Is the reason to prevent the salts in the Rit dye from causing corrosion to the metal parts? I was thinking that if the salts were immediately rinsed off corrosion would not have time to occur.
txC, can you give me any hints on how to dye my mak muave? i want it to match my purse. :?

byron said:
txC, can you give me any hints on how to dye my mak muave? i want it to match my purse. :?
Man purse or European carry all?
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