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Custom Grip Colors!

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KTRange Secret:
Make a grip for your P-32 any color you want!
First, order an Ivory grip from KT - 20 bucks.
Now... buy a packet of Rit dye powder a shade LIGHTER than what you want. I used Rose Pink for my test piece: it looks that way in the pic, but in person it's almost red.
Use a two-quart pot, and dump the entire packet of powder into it. Add one quart of water and bring to a boil. Stir up the dye till the salt is fully dissolved, then lower the heat to a slow simmer. Mmmmm!!! No, don't drink it.
Make sure your grip doesn't have the hammerblock or mag catch in it. Then, lower it into the boiling dye with a fork, gently swishing it around to allow the liquid into all the nooks and crannies.
Let it simmer for at least 20 minutes. No less!
The dye will fully penetrate the polymer, not just coat the outside.
Now, rinse it THOROUGHLY with cold water. Get every trace of salt off; it's not a bad idea to use soap. You don't have to worry about washing the dye off. It's in there!

Now dry it, put everything together, and either give it to someone or go to the range with your new, "Custom Combat" P-32!
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I like that color! But I think I’m pretty much stuck with black.
I originally wanted one in ivory and chrome. But I’m too impatient to wait for anything.
Tell me something though, how is that muzzle part of that frame going to look after several rounds have been put through it? Will there be any discoloration?
Nice job, Flyer!
Tc, Cheryl
Nope, no discoloration...
The color is embedded through the entire grip, not just the surface... you could cut it in half, and it'd be pink all the way through!!!
ok, so how did you do it?
Would that be the Malibu version? Does this mean that Flyer will get the Corvette to match his bunny suit....................wait a minute...i'm starting to see a trend here.
Pretty in Pink?
Think I'll stick a Chrome Slide on it and have Reese Witherspoon use it in "Legally Blonde 3"!
I want to be like Barbie! She has everything! Uh, now she could have a hot pink p32.
Flyer, you could be onto something.
Tc, Cheryl
Ok, I’m not a gunsmith. How difficult would it be to switch out the internal parts? I’d be a bit concerned that I would leave something out or put it in wrong. I love how you did that! It would open the door to many colors.
Tc, Cheryl
Now I guess I have to get a P-32 since the P3AT doesn't offer an ivory grip.
Since the red on white came out a little darker than you expected, why not try a Grey P-11 grip? eg-Royal blue +Grey=Navy blue? Worth a shot?
I've been thinking about this...
I'm going to find a way to bleach out the color of a black grip, see if I'cn make them gray and green.
If so, a custom P-3AT grip is on the fast track to gray or greendom!!!
Pink grip....last time I saw one of those was on a Lorcin....Yet, I'm strangely attracted. Think I'll go have some beers with the guys and watch a car race.
I was pondering the possibility that the grip could be bleached to a gray or off-white. I don't think it's likely, as I imagine the dye permeates the entire grip, just as the Rit dye does. I set about searching the web for information on Dupont ST 8018, and came up nearly empty-handed, except for a bunch of links to articles about Kel-Tec guns, and this:

These guys aparently do metal and plastic prototyping, and they do use Dupont ST 8018 (among *many* other plastics), and theirs comes in ORANGE! Perhaps we should see if they can make a replacement grip modeled after Flyer's Pro-Grip.
Hmmm... New and improved grip, *and* it comes in orange? WOW! Sign me up for one!

Actually, I imagine that their prices are probably well beyond what any one of us could afford, but it's still nice to dream...
The chlorine would most likely weaken the plastic to the point that it would shatter after enough rounds *or possibly one* were fired through the gun-especially after being exposed to temperature extremes. I have a chronic illness from sweating while being (over)exposed to chlorine GAS from working in a pool store/warehouse, so I found out the hard(very painful) way what chlorine does. Every time I sweat and it evaporated the chlorine went INSIDE my skin. It can rust through an A/C & Evacuation system almost monthly :shock: And chlorine bleach is just liquid chlorine that got old when stored in 55 gallon drums and was sold off as 'bleach' Dont risk your safety trying it. I imagine it would break along the guide-rod similar to what a P-40 w/ a 180+grain cartridge can do-explode the grip while its in your hand.
:D MaGees P32 is now the most beautifull shade of PURPLE ! Thanks for the info Flyer. It made her so happy that I was allowed to pick up another gun [ Star PD ] to carry till my S.T.I. LS40 gets back from A.P.&W. with a new chrome coat. I think her words were " O K, just keep your cotton pickers off MY P32-dammit! My local gun shop is excited after seeing the job, that now they plan on ordering every other P32 in ivory, and offering other color choices. Thanks everyone, MaGee's husband
[ now if I can convince her I really need a P3AT ] :wink:
Hey, glad to help out!
Have fun with your PD... that's one great pistol!!!
Ok. I want a Tie-Dye grip!! any ideas?? Also, it would be cool to make a simulated wood-grain grip. If either one of these can be accomplished, i will order a p-32 hard crome with ivory grip, stainless belt clip and bersa finger extension.
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