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Cobra Patriot .45 ACP Report

I want to begin by saying that I am a novice compared to many of my fellow KTrangers. The below review is just a laymans impressions of this pistol.

I received my Cobra Patriot .45 yesterday morning. I don’t know if Kel-Tec unveiled a .45ACP model at this weekend’s SHOT show, but they don’t need to do so as long as Cobra Enterprises keeps making their Patriot .45.

Out of the Box:
The Patriot, in the past, was produced by Republic Arms. Republic Arms was purchased by Cobra Enterprises of Salt Lake City and they now produce the Patriot .45. While awaiting the arrival of my Patriot I read everything I could about the gun including subscribing to the Yahoo Republic Arms Patriot .45 newsgroup:

Due to my reading about the Republic Arms version of the Patriot I was expecting a much less refined pistol than the Cobra Enterprises model I received. The Patriot was much more “finished” than were my P-11, P-32, P3AT, and P-40 Kel-Tecs. None of the machine marks were present inside or outside the stainless steel slide. There were also no machine marks on the stainless steel barrel including the feed ramp. The frame is all polymer.

Fluff and Buff:
I did a Kel-Tec like F&B. The trigger pull is heavier and rougher than the Kel-Tecs and I did some F&B on the striker assembly components which somewhat helped the trigger roughness.

I went to the range this morning with 50 rounds of Win White Box FMJ (USA45AVP) and 50 rounds of Win White Box JHP (USA45JHP). The Patriot .45 is the first self loading pistol that I have fired the first 100 rounds through, without any malfunctions, in quite a while. This includes a recently purchased Kahr and Glock. POA equaled POI at 7 yards (I limited the first range session to 100 rds at 7 yards). The trigger lost some additional “roughness" during these first 100 rounds.

I disassembled the Patriot .45 for cleaning and was happy to see that one hundred rounds had caused no galling or damage to the polymer rails or stainless steel parts of the pistol. I am very happy with this new addition and now have the lightweight .45 ACP I have been looking for. I would recommend the Cobra Patriot .45 to my Kel-Tec friends without reservation. Give them a look at:

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Nice report. Me gotta investigate.............Must resist.......Want AR15...... :roll:

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loved your report! Care to tell what you paid?

And now, Murray, you've got to do a newspaper wetpack test with your new .45. The Win whitebox JHP's should perform the same as they did in my Bersa. It looks like the Golden Sabers are going to be good, so how about testing a different brand?
Like maybe Speer GoldDot JHP. or Fed HydraShok depending on what you can find available.

Congrats! on your new pistol.

That Patriot9 looks errily similiar to the P11. Anyone have one of each and care to share how they compare. What is the price of the 45? Looks like a rather slim and compact pistol.
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