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good question. If I'm in the car on a long trip the P3AT is in my right front pocket in a home made soft holster (to prevent printing and keep the lint out). Primary is my Springfield 1911 .45 on the seat beside me. That way I can get out of the car for gas or walk to the rest stop room without a gun showing. Some rest stops I've been at like the unattended, dirty ones on the interstates in Louisiana are really scarry, so before I stop I look the place over first, and grab the 1911 if trouble arrives. It was a rest stop where the DC snipers were sleeping and finally caught. So rest stops are a place where you want to be alert.

At home the Springfield is outa sight in the bedroom along with a Glock in the drawer by the bed (probably give the Glock to one of my boys for home defense, great pistol but even bigger than the 1911 to carry). P3AT here by the computer when I'm home. "MY" P32 is in wife's purse, she won't give it back. :lol: Don't have my P11 anymore, a friend wanted it.

If I'm just going shopping or walking in public, the P3AT becomes primary. However, if I thought I was going to have to go walking around in a bad area I might also carry my Bond 9mm derringer IWB with 2 135gr Hydra-Shoks hid under my shirt.

Some, like Evan Marshall, on his site say they carry 3 guns. He say he even carrys all 3 to church!!! I only have two hands, 3 seems like overkill (pun!).

Lot's of options, no one best method for me. Defensive carry has been a hot subject for a long time. We could really have a good go at it here if you want to. Like the legal aspects of having to shoot a BG, as well.
But let's not start a war, "my 45 is better than your 9mm", etc. Or "my 5 shots is better than your 2", like I've been bombed with on other sites.

og :)
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