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Am having NO success with my 30 round Brownells mags and my SU 16. :wtf: Have only tried to use them with dummy rounds so far. Seems that they require some filing to snap into place then will not load my second round worth a poop. Any advise? Anyone recommend a 30 round mag for this rifle that works OK for them? :D

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Welcome to the Range!
I'm not sure what type of mags they are, but odds are good they're steel.
First thing to do is read Midiman's article about AR-15 Mags:
That gives you the lowdown on the best magazines for your SU-16, since it's designed for AR mags.
Most aftermarket magazines have NEVER worked well. The best are almost invariably military, G.I. aluminum magazines, and Israeli Orlite plastic magazines are excellent also, not to mention they match the finish of your rifle!
The Orlites won't fit into the buttstock of your SU, though. For that matter, neither will most steel magazines.
Yep, they cost more... expect to pay around $40 new in wrapper for a good G.I. 30 rounder. But, they're plentiful, and hopefully with the sunset of the Brady law in September, the price will drop drastically and they'll be available new once more.
Hope this helps!
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