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Well, I went shopping for a Glock and found they were all too big to comfortably carry concealed. I had looked at the P-3AT in my research, and the gun shop had one on hand. Soooo, I'm now the proud owner of a P-3AT, AND I have enough money left to buy the .45 Glock 21 I wanted for open carry. What a deal!

I've seen a lot said on this site about assembly pin problems. I've put 20 rounds through it with no problems so far. Most of the serial numbers I see here seem to be H0xxx, but mine is H77xx. Is it possible that mine is so new that the assembly pin problem has been solved?

Tnx in advance for your feedback.

-- Steve

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Sounds like your P-3AT is one of the very latest, so you shouldn't have any problems with the pins... and in case you do, rest assured a quick call to Kel-Tec will have new ones on their way pronto!
I don't think you'll have any problems, though. Keep us posted on your results!
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