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I was just going through my safe today and came onto some ammo that I bought back in 1988.

I bought 3 boxes of 38 special Exploding Tip

3 boxes of 45acp Exploding tip

2 boxes of 12GA. rounds called bolo, has two balls hooked onto a piece of wire, they say it slices and dices

2 boxes of 12GA. rounds called dragons breath, turns your shotgun into a flame thrower.

Can't use this stuff for selfdefense I think I am going out back today since its nice and use it up!

Bought it from a company called Blamo Ammo, anyone know if this company is still even in business?

Its all legal here in Ohio but not for selfdefence or hunting.

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I dunno 'bout the exploding tip rounds but all the shotgun rounds you mention are still made and readily available... and lots of other types are out there, too!
One I'm still trying to figure out is their "Smoke" round... pull the trigger and you're immediately surrounded by a dense cloud of blue smoke.
I guess it kinda makes you disappear instantly like Batman... but don't it also seem like a heck of a good way to become instantly LOST?
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