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Best way to high polish bullets for better feeding

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Get yourself what is called Lead-Clean Gun Cloth, I do not mean a silicone cloth!. Hoppes used to sell the Lead-Clean Cloth but other companys also sell them. You may want to use rubber gloves when cleaning your ammo because this cloth is extremely potent!. Start rubbing it all around the bullet, avoid the primer area just to be safe!, take a piece of dry cloth and start wiping off the film, if you thought your brand new shiney ammo could not shine brighter just look at the black residue that comes off onto the cloth and then look at your ammo after wiping it off, you will not believe how much brighter it is, now feel the ammo it will be so slick that you will have to load your magizine using a piece of dry cloth to avoid it slipping out of your fingers, this ammo will now feed very fast into the chamber and fly out of the chamber very fast reducing any kind of possible drag that may cause feeding problems. BUT! be sure not to touch any of the bluing on your gun with this cloth because it will remove it. This Lead-Clean cloth is also very good to remove bluing from guns that you want to reblue, it also puts extremely high polish on any type of other metals.
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