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Hello, all.

I am brand new to the forum, so first, allow me to wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and above all a safe New Year.

I wish Crimson Trace had a GREEN laser for their LaserGuard for the PF9 but they only offer a red laser.

I'd appreciate any input by those of you who may have an alternate GREEN laser on your Kel Tec PF9 (or PF11) such as which manufacturer you have, does it just attach to the rail, the pros and cons you feel your specific laser has, etc...

Crimson Trace does have a GREEN one that attaches to the rail, but I prefer the passive "instant on" when drawing the weapon. I don't want to take ANY time to manually activate my "quick target acquisition" in a life or death scenario.

Armalaser has one with a funky "tape" that also turns it on just by "grip" .. but I don't know of anyone who owns one \. However, they don't make a compatible holster for it.. (I prefer an IWB holsterfor conceal purposes)

Any input would be appreciated.


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