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I tried the Bersa extensions today.

I used the standard base for the first magazine then switched to the Bersa extension for the remainder of the rounds fired. There was a big difference in shootability with the extensions.

I have put over 300 rounds through my P3AT to date.

I had a FTF with a UMC round at about round 60 in my first session.

I had 3 FTE with Magtech ammo between rounds 150 & 200 in my second session.

I put about 100 more through it today with no FTEs or FTFs using UMC and Winclean ammo. The slide did become a little sticky after about 75 rounds but did not cause any failures.

I am extremely happy with my little buddy. I don't think I will often go out without it.

P.S. - There were a couple guys trying a new P3AT at the range today. One bought it on the recommendation of the gun store and didn't know anything about it. I enlightened them to a few of issues we have discussed here (assembly pin, rampectomy, Bersa ext, ect.) and told them about KTOG and Keltec Range. They were very excited to here about the support forums.
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