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Lots of people like the belt clip, and it works for them very well...
Personally I prefer front-pocket carry in a good holster.
The clip's very handy, though. It's really a matter of personal preference...
The thing that bothers ME most about the clip is that it leaves the trigger exposed, which seems like an AD about to happen. Of course, if you're careful, this becomes a non-issue.
If you decide on a belt clip, be sure not to tighten it too much, or you may experience trouble with the trigger bar... it can compress the grip, squeezing against the bar and causing problems. This is just a minor matter that can be adjusted.

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Stick it in your boot Bubba!

Like Flyer I prefer to carry in a front pocket in a good holster. In my case I use one from Robert Mika.

But I have heard of one good case for using the belt clip. That is using it as a boot clip. If I wanted to tote a second gun, a P32/3AT tucked into a boot top would have promise.

When I bought my P32 it had a belt clip installed by the previous owner. I could do without it as I carry mine in a pocket holster. I plan on replacing it as soon as I can get around to ordering the part, unless someone wants to donate one.....LOL I would not advocate the use of the pocket clip though. I have read many articles over the years regarding pocket autos and AD's. Leave the pocket clips for knives....
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