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I stopped by my local gunshop today and saw one that really caught my eye. It was an STI LS9 which is a single stack 9mm built in a 1911 format. What I found to be so neat about it is that it is noticeably thinner than standard and compact 1911. I found their website ( where they show the MSRP to be $789. The one I saw was gently used and priced at $589. My questions to the gurus are a) anyone have experience with one of these? and b) is $589 a good deal for a used LS9. I look forward to your responses.


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The STIs aren't bad at all.
The only problem I have with them is that they don't have the swinging barrel link, but instead a more "modern" locking lug ala the P-11.
A lot of the slimness you noted is contributable to their grips... they're super-thin, almost wafer-like.
Honestly, $589.00 used sounds a bit on the high side. Maybe you can talk your dealer down a little bit.
Note: The STI pistols aren't the "Super-Pistols" the company wants you to believe they are! They're good pistols, but they're not comparable to a Les Baer, Wilson Custom, Valtro, etc.. These are pricey, custom pistols that are copied to varying degrees by other makers.
The STI could be compared to a Kimber Custom Carry.
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