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I took my P3AT to the range today after performing a light F&B and a good cleaning. It went flawlessly until 40 out of 50 rounds with 1 FTE/Double Feed. No too bad considering the problems I had with the initial 120+ rounds. (several FTE's). This again was with the PMC FMJ, seems to be all I can find. Anyway I noticed that my brass was all deformed after it was fired and it seemed that there was a "brass" mark of the center of the ejection port. I attached a picture. Could this be a contributor to the FTE/Double Feed problem. Just curious.

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The dented cases seem to be pretty normal. I get them on all my cases.
Sometimes the PMC ammo causes FTFs in these pistols... I have no idea why. It's good ammo, and I use a lot of it, but some folks report problems. Winchester is good, and Federal American Eagle for cheap shooting.
I don't recommend ANY Russian ammo (steel cased).
Sellior & Bellot is great, hot ammo, but has a brass jacketed bullet... this can contribute to greater barrel wear.
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