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Steyr Pistol's Unsafe in Condition 1?

I am sure that some of you that own Steyr Pistols have searched some of the general shooting forums and encountered threads debating the safety of Steyr M or S series pistols carried with a round in the chamber. Or maybe you haven't. There was a long one on TFL if I remember correctly. This subject just came up on TheHighRoad.Org again:

The Steyer is NOT safe with one in the chamber, the only thing that restrains the striker/firing pin is the blocking nub in front of the striker finger. On my gun, this is an engagement of .050". If a rap displaces the relationship of the slide to the receiver, or if wear tolerances build up, the finger can jump over the nub and BANG ! Even with all the safties on in the receiver.
The text quoted above is from

Has anyone ever personally seen or heard second hand of an AD due to mechanical failure on a Steyr S or M series? You know, sometimes I think the Internet is full of idiots.

I'm posting this here because I've felt that the old KTOG and the new KTRANGE always had a higher information to noise ratio than other venues.
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