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Guess I can jump in now....Splash!!!
I don't own a Steyr M or S series pistol, but that's mainly because I like Glocks for polymer frames (KTs excepted). However, I've shot the dickens out of several of them. And, I've watched the OWNERS shoot the BEdickens out of 'em.
There is NO WAY this pistol is going to wear enough to AD in a lifetime of average shooting.
It's nothing less than a brute of a pistol, possible more over-engineered than a Ruger. This is not a bad thing, at all!
Yep, the trigger can be tricky... I've "doubled" a couple of strings myself!
But, that's only because I was shooting it like a Glock.
Try shooting an expensive, finely tuned 1911 sometime... I guarantee you I can empty the mag with only ONE deliberate pull of the trigger, if I want! Recoil takes care of the rest... This isn't with a "hair" trigger, either. If you're not holding the pistol properly, it'll double.
This is only MY opinion... but I think the Steyr is as safe as any on the market for loaded chamber carry. Those that would have you believe otherwise have an agenda, i.e., protecting their Glock's or Springfield XD's reputation.
Oh... and I'd take a Steyr over an XD ANY day, thanks! I like my Glocks best, but I won't take away the Steyr's credit.
It's a fine handgun.
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