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Ammo -- what works and what does not (40+ grains)

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  • CCI Max-MAg 40 grain JHP
  • (CCI) Speer Gold Dot 40 grain GDHP-SB JHP
  • Hornady Critical Defense 45 grain FTX
  • Norma 40 grain JHP
  • Fiocchi 40 grain JSP (game point)
  • Winchester Dynapoint 45 grain
If you have tried any others, please reply with how they worked.
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The Federal 50 Grain HP (blue box) works fine also.
Hornady 30 gr VMAX is very accurate but not 100% reliable when it comes to feeding.
I typically stick to CCI maxi mags and Speer Gold dots.
I also picked up a box of Fiocchi 40 gr. fmj somewhere a few years ago and it's as good as maxi mags but seems hard to find and pricey when you can.
The only .22 mag I just do not buy any more is Armscor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts