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A07xx serial number on P-11

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Just purchased a new P-11 with the A07xx serial number. Looks like all the issues about the trigger are resolved. Anybody know if this serial number represents new modifications??
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You've got a newer P-11. The alpha-numeric serial #s began when the Office of Homeland Security had Kel-Tec begin them with a letter prefix. All the P-11 "bugs" had been long resolved before that, so you're good to go!
\"A\" Prefix Serial Number

Just ordered a trigger shoe and a spare clip for my "A" prefix P-11. I wanted to make sure I had the 8 1/2 lb trigger and the sales person said all the "A" #s have the new spring. Wish now I had asked what other mods have been incorporated.
The hammerspring is the really the only important change in the P-11 for a few years... it's pretty much the same as it's always been.
Do you know if the pre letter models had the newer trigger and if so what serial number it started at ?
Yep, the P-11 had the lighter hammer springs for a couple of years before the alphanumeric numbering began, but I'm not certain where it fell in the ## range... in all likelihood you've got one of the lighter springs.
If the pull feels significantly higher than the 8 1/2 lbs, just give KT a call and have them send you out a current-manufacture spring.
Ok good my son picked up a like new p11 today with the starting numbers of 125xxx. I dont think its too old maybe a year or so but I dont know the number vs year ranges. Maybe some one out there can enlighten me.
That serial # should be just fine.
From, TecWerks, in Cole LaFrance's (with contributions from Bill White and Jack Fuselier--hows that for a trio to draw to) excellent article on P-11 trigger mods:

"To Kel Tecs credit, all guns SN 23000 and above have this 8.5 lb. trigger standard."
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