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:lol: Went to the range on Saturday with a new P-3AT (H6RXX), I used three different factory mag with 50 Winchester white box flat nose ball ammo and 50 Remington UMC yellow box round nose ball ammo. I did not have any FTE, this little lion functioned great. the flat nose needed an occasional push on the slide with the first round only but I'm pretty sure this will go away with more rounds and polishing the feed ramp.

When I got home and pulled it apart, I looked at the front of the frame rails which had gotten badly beat up on an early P-3AT I had some time back after only 50 rounds, this one still looked new after 100.

This one is also a hard chrome model and the old one was blue, the HC has a better finish, metal not as rough which I think helps the cycling. I was able to keep all rounds inside a paper plate at 6-7 feet

Overall I am very happy, Thanks Kel-Tec.
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