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What would everybody (not that we'll neccessarily agree) consider the best .45 acp HP ammo? Especially non +P for better accuracy and quicker follow-up shots in a small, light weapon. Qualifications for best are 1>RELIABLE expansion in a short-barreled self defense weapon--3" barrel. 2>Velocity. On a side-note, I know some people prefer FMJ but gelatin-tests dont take into account that humans have bones that FMJ tends to bounce off of, whereas HP just slows down, flattens and would probably do more damage especially in a chest cavity. A head shot would be an exception because once youve made it through one side youre job is done, not always true with a "center-of-mass" shot.

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.45 hp

I tend to use 2 JHP's for my taurus pt145...The 185 grn. silvertip or the Federal Personal defense round (I dont remember the bullet weight)...Both are controllable in my pistol and both are reliable and accurate....In my backyard expansion tests both performed well...just my 2 cents :twisted:

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Federal 230 gr. Hydra-Shok, and Speer Gold Dot.
The Hydra-Shok for full-sized to medium guns, and the Gold-Dot with it's lighter bullet weight for small guns.
For me they've both been perfect performers, especially the Hydra-Shok, and both are loaded to standard pressures. They're both reliable expanders, and should do fine!

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check this thread....

I agree with Murray and that's what I use. The Win 230gr personal defense JHP is low cost, readily available, functions well, expands well with adequate penetration.
It's not target ammo but comes in a 50 round box so you can function test it and have some left over to carry.

For expansion comparison see my thread.....

Your pistol may have different results. So you have to test ammo yourself.


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These are some old FBI gelatin tests, check out the Hi-shok, the 230 grain closesly mimics the more expensive Golden Sabre and the 185 grain Federals make or break the 12" penentration rule within .3" in the short barrel test into bare gelatin (which would closely simulate a head shot) where three tenths of an inch wouldnt matter and better expansion could. The Winchester has better penetration but doesnt expand as well, so I guess it's a trade off.

185 grain ammo

45ACP Federal Hi-Shok 185 gr(Short Barrel)
Bare Gelatin-11.7" 0.74"
Clothed Gelatin-19.8" 0.61"

45ACP Federal Hi-Shok 185 gr(Long Barrel)
Bare Gelatin-13.3" 0.63"
Clothed Gelatin-12.4" 0.74"

230 grain ammo

All unknown barrel lengths

45ACP Federal Hi-Shok 230gr
Bare Gelatin-13.8" 0.80"
Clothed Gelatin-17.4" 0.67"

45ACP Winchester JHP 230 gr
Bare Gelatin-17.9" 0.60"
Clothed Gelatin-24.0" 0.51"

45ACP Remington Golden Sabre 230gr
Bare Gelatin-14.1" 0.76"
Clothed Gelatin-16.6" 0.69"

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I've still got a box of Bingham LTD's Exploder rounds in .45 ACP. They should work well in a short barrel pistol. The only problem is that they are not made anymore....and my "collector" examples would not be legal carried on the streets.

Back in the day when these were made, I could cut down small pine trees with a few rounds at short range.
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