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Well, couldn't wait, so I ran out to the range to try out the used P-40 that I purchased. I have a Hogue Hand-All that I installed, and took along some Speer Gold Dot 155 grain JHP, and some Federal 135 grain Personal Defense ammo. Here are the various pros and cons, along with my initial thoughts on what I might have to do to fix the issue..

1. Great price. Purchased it for $220. Certainly one of the more inexpensive .40 cal pistols out there.

2. Surprisingly accurate. It grouped better than my P-11. At ten yards, firing offhand, five shot groups of four or five inches were the norm. This was fired with my weak hand, since my strong hand was getting fatigued from trying to slowly squeeze the trigger. Yes, I know that technically I shouldn't do that with the Kel-Tecs, but old habits are hard to change.

3. Terrible trigger pull, but there's been no F&B done on this pistol. Easily fixed, particularly with trigger pull mods.

4. Stiff recoil. Probably the most that I would want to deal with in a self defense pistol. I have the Wolff spring kits on order, and will try to go with a 21 lb. or so to help. I also plan on working with the 135 grain Federal ammo, as well. I already have the Hand-All, which needs to be trimmed to fit.

5. There were several failures to feed. Again, no F&B done yet, so I would expect that the feed ramp is as rough as a cob. Polishing should help.

6. In inspecting the fired cases, I noticed that there was damage to the rims. It appeared that something was actually punching through the rim from the breech face. My guess at this point is the the rapid and strong recoil is causing the ejector to damage the rims on the fired cases. The stronger recoil spring should make the difference here by slowing down the cycle.

Anyhow, short report, due to time constraints, but wanted to pass along the first experiences of a new owner of the notorious P-40.



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I shoot 155 grain Gold Dots quite comfortably with my P-40 that has 22 lb. recoil springs.

Regards, Keys 8)
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