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Looks good!!! That's a fine job.
That's a serious magazine pad! Is it just a pad, or a round extension?
Do you know the slide manufacturer? Most companies making slides with the serrations straight (rather than slanted) are only Colt, very early commercial Springfield Armory, Auto-Ordnance, and now-banned Norinco. (Of course it could be a surplus G.I. slide, made by any one of a dozen makers).
Interestingly, if it's an Auto-Ordnance slide, it was most likely made on Dan Wesson's new machinery.
That's a Caspian frame, all right! That's right where the finger groove should be... note how similiar it is to the groove I put on my custom P-3AT grip! It keeps the muzzle down on target where it belongs.
Anyhow, it looks nice. Everyone should have at least one 1911!
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