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Silvertip ammo is probably the best selfdefense ammo made in SOME CALIBERS ONLY!.

They make the GOOD STUFF in32acp, 380acp, 38 special, 44 special, 45acp, these calibers are made with a aluimin jacket ( I know I spelled that wrong. ) anyway the above calibers will mushroom in almost anything, believe me! I have ran my own tests on the stuff, Silvertip is my favorite defense load in the calibers listed above.
I have some 38 special 125 gr. +p, I don't see the 125gr. anymore for some reason, only the 110 gr. but trust me this stuff is good.

On the 9mm Luger, 357 Magnum, 44 magmum, I don't know about the 40 cal and 41 magnum, but these bullets are nickel plated brass and I found that in my tests that they are not good to mushroom well.

$800 Box
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