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  1. PF-9
    Hi all, I'm trying to fully disassemble my PF-9 (purchased PPT last week) for cleaning and this screw (183) is absolutely stuck. It's broken two torx/star keys already and I'm afraid I'll strip it if i try to continue. I even put WD-40 rust breaker on it and it won't come unstuck. Any...
  2. Kel-Tec General Discussions
    i have many guns but i am a first time keltec owner yesterday i got a deal and a used keltec p11 its hamming i am geting new parts extractor ejector and thinking in a new magazine,,yestarday i field strip it nbroke the plastic rod,,,,any trips to correct the jamming and what magzines do you...
  3. PMR-30
    i have been triing to send back my pmr 30 since Janurary 3rd, for the third time. Only thing i have recieved is an email from Ericka saying the phones are so busy they cant make an out going calls on jan 18th. I emailed again for a return authorization and not i have not recieved one or any...
1-3 of 3 Results