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  1. PMR-30
    Dear friends, did anyone has experience using .22wmr steel case in PMR-30 and what do you think about possibility of its use?
  2. New Member Introductions
    I just purchased a PMR-30. Shot about 25 round through it at approx. 25 yards, shoots a good foot to the left; at 15 yards about six inches to the left. It looks like there are adjustment screws for the front sight to slide it left or right, but no tool I have found fits. What do I use to...
  3. PMR-30
    I own a PMR-30, had it for a month put a few hundred rounds through it and the the slide lock button blew off, I replaced it . The slide no longer locks back after the last round and today I was trying to clean it and the barrel block won't come out. It slides front to back fine and I have the...
  4. PMR-30
    Hi, I just bought a PMR-30 and want to get a red dot for it. Anyone know if the Burris FastFire II mount sold by Kel-Tec works with the Burris FastFire III (specifically the line-up of the mount holes on the gun and fixture to the FastFire itself)? Thanks, ZippoZigzag
1-4 of 4 Results