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  1. For Sale / Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy PF9 Slide OD Green Please post if you have one, will pay fair market value don't need the barrel, guide rod and spring, but will buy if the price is right
    $99 USD
  2. PF-9
    Hi all, I'm trying to fully disassemble my PF-9 (purchased PPT last week) for cleaning and this screw (183) is absolutely stuck. It's broken two torx/star keys already and I'm afraid I'll strip it if i try to continue. I even put WD-40 rust breaker on it and it won't come unstuck. Any...
  3. PF-9
    Not a PF 9 owner yet. Why are these threads over a year old at least? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the greatest, how satisfy are you with the PF-9?
  4. PF-9
    I have a PF9 and it's my biggest regret buying when it comes to firearms. I bought it on March 26th and it's April 25th now. Within the first two weeks of me owning it and the trigger axis pin broke. (I only shot 250 rounds through it) I sent it in to be fixed and got it back 9 days ago. I had...
  5. PF-9
    I have seen some really good reviews about this regarding short barrels. Reviews were done using SIG. Does anyone have any validation of this ammo in their PF9?
  6. PF-9
    I was really nervous about taking my new pf-9 to the range today because I've heard lots of stories of people having issues with this gun. But I shot 50 rounds through it without a single malfunction! I shot about 30 rounds rapid fire too. The ammo I used was some cheap ammo I bought from a...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello all. I could have swore I was already registered here, but here we go. The names Erik, I've got a PF9. :)
  8. PF-9
    Does anyone know of a good molded leather holster made specifically for the KT PF9? I have an HK40 and have a Don Hume holster that's molded for that specific gun and I like it, but I can't find anything for the PF9. Would a holster for the Ruger LCP work for the PF9? Thanks
1-8 of 8 Results