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  1. PF-9
    Hi all, I'm trying to fully disassemble my PF-9 (purchased PPT last week) for cleaning and this screw (183) is absolutely stuck. It's broken two torx/star keys already and I'm afraid I'll strip it if i try to continue. I even put WD-40 rust breaker on it and it won't come unstuck. Any...
  2. PF-9
    I was really nervous about taking my new pf-9 to the range today because I've heard lots of stories of people having issues with this gun. But I shot 50 rounds through it without a single malfunction! I shot about 30 rounds rapid fire too. The ammo I used was some cheap ammo I bought from a...
  3. Kel-Tec General Discussions
    Question for all the PF-9 owners and P-11 owners. I am an LEO and own a good amount of firearms but I do not own any 9mm handguns. In fact the only weapon I own that is 9mm is my Sub-2000. I will soon be teaching CPL classes and want to have a 9mm that will be both comfortable and concealable...
1-3 of 4 Results