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  1. P-3AT
    I just bought a used pro-mag 6 round magazine @ it will not go all the way in. It has to be forced in while the slide is being pulled back slightly. If I don't do that then the mag will not make it to the mag release/latch. Any thought other than Promag crap?
  2. P-3AT
    I Have purchased the 3at when it originally came out and sold it to a friend a few years ago. Loved the little gun so went to buy another one and ended up buying 2 one for me one for a girlfriend, 2 different shops. The first one the magazine will not drop without having a round in the magazine...
  3. P-3AT
    I posted on another thread I purchased a used P3AT at a gun show, I got a box of Blazer 380 Auto 95 gr. FMJ ammo also. Got home and not a single round would extract from the chamber more then halfway. I have used hundreds of rounds of Blazer in my .45 cal Glock 30sf without an issue so I made a...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Howdy, I'm Dave a new member. I have just purchased a new P3AT and I like it very much. So much in fact that I have another one on layaway. After having to send a Hellcat .380 back to the manufacturer for repair, my faith has been renewed by the P3AT. As soon as the Hellcat comes back...
1-4 of 4 Results