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  1. Kel-Tec General Discussions
    I was replacing the cheap plastic magazine retainer/button (difficult enough) on my P32 and was distracted, and punched out the pin holding the hammer stop instead the one I wanted. Now it seems impossible to get the hammer stop and it's befuddling spring back in. Anyone have reassembly...
  2. P-32
    Hi, I've had a P32 for a couple of years but have not been totally pleased with the reliability. It jams one round every 2-3 mags with Herter's FMJ ammo, usually on the second round of the mag. It happens on both 7 and 10 Round mags so I doubt it is a mag issue. I switched to Privi Partizan FMJ...
  3. P-32
    I've had trouble with several boxes of PMC .32 60 gr JHP Ammo in my P32. They often fail to eject (FTE), fail to feed (FTF), primer did not fire (once), and the brass is often misshapen and slightly bulged when it does eject. I do not have these problems with the more expensive (much more)...
1-3 of 3 Results