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  1. Ballistics & Reloading Discussion
    Can I reload 380 with my Lee Loader for 9mm?
  2. SUB Carbines
    When spending a couple hours at the range, it's always nice to mix up your targets a bit. We found a lonely cinder block hidden in some brush and decided to put it to good use! Little did we know, a 9mm would put it to shame... which I was pretty happy about! I was shooting Winchester "white...
  3. SUB Carbines
    This gun never disappoints... rarely ever jams and is SUPER ACCURATE!!! Its compact design and folding feature make it easy to stow and go. The sub 2000 is extremely effective either bone stock or covered in accessories. Watch as this weapon proves to be one of the finest defense weapons! ENJOY!
  4. SUB Carbines
    After a pleasent day at the range I stopped by my local gun store to buy a boresnake to make cleaning less of a hassel. They did not have any boresnakes in 9mm so I bought the .357 being only .001 of a inch difference. So I go home break down the Sub and begin cleaning the gun. I began to run...
1-4 of 4 Results