I can now shoot my Sub LeftHandes.
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Thread: I can now shoot my Sub LeftHandes.

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    I can now shoot my Sub Left Handed.

    First time posting gents. I tried to post on another thread about Left hand shooters but for some reason I can't but, it seems I can start a new one....so here goes.
    I bought my Gen 1 about 5 years ago or so. I bought it so I could run the same mags as my Walther P-99, which, except for mag release hole, are the same mags. I loved it!! Fun little gun!!!
    I tricked it out with some Red lion accessories, a red dot, etc. and all was good................until I had a detached retina. 4 1/2 years and 10 surgeries later, I'm now a Lefty. (sucks really)
    So, not wanting to give it up, I tried to shoot it left handed the other day. Didn't work for me. I was getting blow back and the last straw was when hot brass stuck inside my collar bone and burnt pretty good. My friends there found this pretty amusing and offered me $100.00 for it. NOT happenin.
    I brought it back to my shop (I have a fab shop) and found a piece of 14ga. aluminum and formed a small "L" shape to fit over and behind the ejection port, painted it semi gloss black, stuck in in place with some 3M double stick and viola, life is good again. Now, if my buddies want to buy it, it's back up to $900.00. LOL
    If anyone is in the same predicament, and need to see a pic (It's nothing special) I could try to post one but, it is an easy fix. And, if you do, BE SURE you wear safety glasses. As well as it works, you still have some blow back coming back at you.
    Hope this might help someone down the road!! YMMV
    Good chatting!
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    I am new to and waiting for my S2K to arrive, but glad I cam across this. I had something similar and only realized a couple years ago what was going on. Right handed for everything, for 50+. Then a tumor removed from behind my right ear and now thru weird luck I am left eye dominant. Have only recently started to learn to shoot my handguns left handed so I don't have to cant my head. Weird no matter which way I shoot now, but more accurate left handed it seems. My only other "carbine" is my .22 Crosman custom 2240 and I shoot cross stock. Anyway, I will look forward to getting the S2K and try it lefty with something like you created. Thanks and regards.

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