Major jamming problems
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Thread: Major jamming problems

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    Major jamming problems

    I took my brand new SU-16CA out to the range the other day it it jammed all day long. I was using standard Winchester and Federal ammo and it jammed with all of it.

    It felt like the bolt was riding really rough. So, I took it apart to see what was wrong. On the lower receiver there are 4 winged tabs that the bolt carrier rides over. The bolt carrier was hitting the tabs and shaving plastic off of them. When I operate the bolt, I can feel the bolt hitting each of the 4 winged tabs. I tried lubing the tabs and it appears to have made it smoother, but I can still feel the grating.

    My question is this: Is the bolt carrier supposed to ride along top of those winged tabs, or would I be better off grinding them down a fraction of an inch so that the bolt carrier doesn't hit them?

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    Call Kel Tech customer service, you'll probably end up speaking to Bill. They will most likely ask you to send it back, but will also discuss what you might do to fix it with out sending it in. Call them, I don't think you will be disappointed.
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    I called them and the are having UPS come get the rifle. The call was very easy, I told them my rifle was jamming and they said we will come get it and fix it. So far I am impressed.

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