SU16-C Backpack?
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Thread: SU16-C Backpack?

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    SU16-C Backpack?

    Is anyone using a backpack to carry their SU16-C? If so which one? I haven't gotten my rifle yet but I saw on the website it is 25 1/2" long folded. I wasn't able to find a backpack with the main compartment that tall.

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    Look up ChromaCast Cc-SUPB bag ukulele padded bag. First saw one on Craigslist across town for $15. I got one on Amazon for $15. Has a 8.5" x 5" zippered pouch holds 3-4 mags and a skinny <12" zip pouch for your ? Haven't used it much, can't say how it will hold up. Looks Better than some I've seen.
    EDIT: Geez, it's now $12.98 shipped with prime.
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    Actually I'm looking for a backpack to use as a bug out bag that will also hold the SU16.
    I am also wondering if there is a better solution for quick deployment than the pin in the rear of the stock? Something that could be quickly put in place.
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    Take a tape measure to sporting goods section in Walmart...seriously!

    You'll probably find half a dozen packs that will work, decent quality, $30-$75.

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    Look at some of the skateboard bags. Let me know what you decided on.

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