I hope that I am preaching to the choir here.
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Thread: I hope that I am preaching to the choir here.

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    I hope that I am preaching to the choir here.

    The government cannot gain power without first taking it from the people. If you are voting for representatives who are passing legislation to do just that, you are essentially giving your power away.

    As the government's power grows, and that of the people is diminished, you necessarily become more and more dependent upon the government to do and provide for you the things that you used to do and provide for yourself. They have become your Master.

    With this shift in power, the government becomes emboldened. It begins to do things against the people's will. Even some things that are contrary to the Constitution, a document that outlines their responsibilities and limitations, to which they have sworn an oath of loyalty and defense.

    It may not matter to you that the NSA is storing every bit of every form of electronic communication available. After all, you're not doing anything wrong.

    You may think that it's only fair for the government to take money from the rich and give it to the poor through programs like Obamacare.

    You may not have a problem with the government being in charge of your medical records, and quite probably, eventually your health care.

    You may think that there is no need to carry a gun for self defense. You don't visit crack houses. That's what the police are for anyway.

    You may trust the government to provide for you and take care of you; That they will fulfill their promises to you.

    Forget the fact that our government is fluid; That those in power today may not be there tomorrow. Forget that there is an abundance of evidence that shows that such trust is foolhardy. As I have stated above, you have given enough power over to the government that they have become your Master, and no matter how
    benevolent, a Master is still a Master.
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    Please turn to number 458 in your hymnals so we can all join in singing "Nearer, My God, to Thee".
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    In the "old days" some pastors called the choir the war department. May be choir practice is beginning.
    Trust In God my boys but keep your powder dry.

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    I believe wholeheartedly that the power is with the people, and we can keep this country constitutional. In order to do that we all not only need an opinion but a voice, and we need to make that voice heard. Not just one person or a celebrity or political figure. Ordinary, everyday citizens, need to get involved, stand together and say no when the government goes too far. We the people, is not a quote. We are the people and we need to take a stand and demand our government protect our rights rather than abolish them. We the people have more power than one voice speaking out to end our rights no matter how revered that voice, unless we remain silent. If we don't speak out our own apathy will be our undoing.

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    magman454 I agree with you, we are for the most part becoming a nation of sheople. Just wait until some major disaster occurs and all of these sheople who are holed up and have thugs beating and robbing them. What tune do you think they will sing if they live?
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