California..... sigh....
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    California..... sigh....

    California's State Senate Passes 'Ammunition Purchase Permit' Bill | National Review Online

    yeah, I know it is really harmless and I don't know all the facts.

    I warned him about that blind dog bourbon.

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    What's so harmless about that?
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    Well I do not see it as harmless, just a ploy against the law abiding citizen who is not typically going to drive out of state for ammunition. and it is just another money grubbing tax project. How about a permit to go along with your driver's license each year. I mean one typically has registration renewal, so now lets do a background check as well and call it a "permit?" Next we can do a beer and liquor purchase permit, pocket knife permit, bicycle permit, the idea is near limitless.. Hell the left coast should be able to feed the Illegal Aliens quite well with these funds.
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    Self explanatory
    So glad I don't live in California anymore.....

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