Celebrating Independence Day....
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Thread: Celebrating Independence Day....

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    Celebrating Independence Day....

    Just clearing some space in my head by thinking out loud....

    I find it quite amusing that while we celebrate another year of our independence we seem to have lost sight of how and why it was accomplished. Our ancestors took a stand and thousands of lives were lost. I wonder what they would've done if they knew that we had let so many of their ideals erode into nothing. They refused to be ruled by a king and we turned around and elected someone who thinks he's a king.

    We cry and moan that we have to wait four years to elect someone else or at least change the structure of power in Congress in two years. We have been stripped of all of our freedoms except the 2nd Amendment. Don't blink because it's the only thing left that is keeping our government from turning America into a complete Socialist/Fascist country.

    It seems too coincidental that while we merely celebrate what's left of our independence the people of Egypt are fighting for theirs. Even though they had a legal (by their standards) election they felt betrayed and were willing to do something about it. The end result could have went either way but they shared the determination that our forefathers had that the fight was worth it.

    It's time to wake up America! It's way past time to let our politicians know that we're not going to take it anymore. This goes for both parties.

    Anyhow...Have a safe Fourth of July and let me hear some rounds being fired!
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    Anyhow...Have a safe Fourth of July and let me hear some rounds being fired!

    Weather permitting, I'm hoping to find someplace nearby to put the first rounds through my new PF-9 tomorrow. There's no indoor range nearby so I have to either join the Sportsman's club (next month, maybe) or find an area I can safely and legally shoot. I'm checking on a couple of places I've been told about and watching the skies!

    A safe and happy Fourth of July to you and all!

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    Denverpmr30 I concur with you, Have a good Independence day all.
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