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    Just put this up on my Facebook page

    It takes an asshole to go out and shoot innocent, defenseless people. It takes a special kind of asshole to do it to innocent, defenseless children.

    So, here we are again. Some individual goes out shooting fish in a barrel, and there is much hand wringing and consternation. Once again, there is talk of magazine capacity limits, “Assault” weapons bans, and myriad other gun control measures; ostensibly aimed at preventing such acts in the future. Violent movies and video games are also taking a beating in the “press”, but to a much lesser extent, and I wouldn’t expect anything to actually happen on that front. Save for a possible legal requirement to not sell outside the ratings on them. For those who may be in support of such measures, I have a few facts to present, and then a few questions to ask.

    As to video games and movies: There certainly are some that small children should not be allowed to play/watch. Parents should know their children well enough to determine at what age, if any, that their children should be able to handle such images. I believe that the actual influence on the actions of people such as this shooter and others is minimal at best. There are billions of people all around the world who partake of these activities daily. If they were truly an influence, wouldn’t such acts be far more common? Blaming such activities is an attempt to explain or understand the motive behind committing such an act. As he left no notes, nor made any declarations as to his motive, and he is no longer available for comment, any attempt at assigning a motive to his actions is purely speculative.

    As to gun control: This speaks to the mechanism by which he effected his evil deeds. I’ll split this part into sections to cover the two gun control measures that seem to be the most likely to be pursued.

    1. 10 round magazine capacity limit.

    Supposedly if you can only have 10 rounds in a magazine, you cannot cause as much carnage as you can with a 30 round capacity magazine. In this case, had he only had 10 round magazines, he could have killed 3 more victims than he did without reloading any of the three weapons that he had with him. Even if he did stop to reload one of them, he had two more loaded weapons with which to thwart any attempt to stop him while doing so.

    This measure also does not take into account the literally billions of high capacity magazines that are already in circulation. It would be impossible to collect them all. Even in such bastions of Liberty as California and Massachusetts where they have had 10 round magazine limits since the 1984 National “Assault” Weapons Ban, I would be willing to bet a year’s salary that almost everyone who had a weapon that accepted high capacity magazines before the ban still has them. They just don’t take them to the range.

    1. An “Assault” weapons ban.

    You may have noticed by now that I put the word assault in quotation marks. I do that because the term was coined by anti-gun lobbyists in the mid to late 1970’s. It is not a Military term, nor did it have any true definition until the National “Assault” Weapons Ban of 1984. That definition was written by anti-gun politicians, and can be changed at their will to include whatever they wish.

    In spite of all the newscasts of the time that showed people firing machineguns and sub-machineguns at various shooting ranges, fully-automatic weapons were never a part of the ban. It only affected the semi-automatic versions of some of those weapons.

    For those who don’t know, here are some fun facts about the 1984 ban. Before the ban took effect, demand for such weapons skyrocketed, as did the prices. AR-15’s, AK’s, Saiga’s, SKS’s, and the like nearly doubled in price almost overnight. Even with the new scalper’s prices, sales of such weapons hit record highs.

    Other than a few weapons that were expressly mentioned by name in the legislation, very little was actually banned. The manufacturers of such weapons found that they only had to make a few minor, mostly cosmetic changes to their weapons to become compliant for sale under the ban. Even though it turned out that nothing of note was changing, the prices on such weapons never came down much from their pre-ban highs.

    Such weapons soon came to be classified into two categories: Pre-Ban and Post-Ban. There are still comparison pictures on the web that show both Pre and Post ban weapons on a table next to each other. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you most likely will not be able to spot the difference. Functionally, there was none. Unless you consider the loss of the bayonet lug a functional issue.

    It was a ban that didn’t really ban anything, and it was wholly ineffective. Why? Because it was written by a group of college educated idiots who had no idea what they were talking about. There were so many holes in that legislation that you could have flown the Space Shuttle through them. Not that it would have done any more good without the holes.

    In more recent history; In about mid 2007, when it became apparent that the most Liberal individual in all the Congress at the time (as judged by their voting records) had a good shot at becoming our next President, sales of such weapons surged once again. They surged even higher when he was elected.

    In fact, the sales of such weapons have increased to such a point over the past 4 to 5 years that many knowledgeable people think that it is likely that soon there will be more so-called “Assault” weapons in the hands of more private citizens than any other type of weapon.

    Now let’s take a look at the act itself.

    He attempted to purchase a weapon, but was unable to do so. Depending on why he was turned down, and how he filled out the Federal form when he attempted his purchase, he may have been eligible for a felony conviction. He then stole the firearms from his own Mother, either killing her in the process or shortly afterward. He damaged school property. He then committed 26 counts of First Degree, Pre-Meditated Murder. He ended his day by taking his own life.

    Before I ask my questions, a few more facts: There are hundreds of millions of legally, privately owned firearms in America. At least tens of millions of the are so-called “assault” weapons. Even more are firearms that can accept a magazine with a capacity greater than ten rounds. Billions of such magazines are already in circulation. Even if we threw the Fourth and Fifth Amendments in the trash, it would be impossible for the Government to collect them all. I would bet they wouldn’t even get half of them.

    So my questions are:

    1. How will an “assault” weapons ban prevent another mass shooting?
    2. How will a magazine capacity ban prevent another mass shooting?
    3. Wouldn’t a better, more proven way to deter such acts be to allow those with concealed carry permits to carry their weapons?

    When answering those questions, I beg you to put emotion aside. What this asshole did is beyond words, and it angers me that he did it. It angers me more that our Politicians are using this tragedy to push for legislation that they have been wanting to pass anyway. Most of them knowing that it wouldn't have done a damn thing to stop the act, and claiming that it is to prevent such acts in the future.
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    It is an emotional arguement, and thats all the left has to offer. As I remarked in another thread, it is not a Fluke that most mass killings happen in a "Gun Free Zone"
    Logic is lost in this media driven world, and the media have an agenda.
    After listening to Wayne LaPierre I'm thinking of rejoining the NRA, He put His neck on the chopping block and said things that needed to be said.
    It is better to avoid than to run; better to run than to de-escalate; better to de-escalate than to fight; better to fight than to die. the very essence of self-defense is a thin list of things that might get you out alive when you are already screwed.- From “Meditations on Violence

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    There isn't any way to stop mass killings by banning assault weapons or high capacity mags. What was Nidal Hasan's weapon of choice at Fort Hood? What good are more laws if you don't enforce the ones already there? Liberals think that their good intentions matter more than good results hence the tired cliché "If it only saves one life it is worth it." I can see the photo-op now...15 children killed but little Johnny was spared because of magazine limits. Liberals praise new gun laws!!!

    How much further do we have to look for evidence of ineffective gun laws than California, Illinois and New York? The gun murders in those three states probably account for over 90% of all committed.

    I believe the best deterrent to gun violence is a visible one so I would opt for open carry for any legal gun owner that wishes to do so.

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