1. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Address the issues, not the individual.
2. Keep your posts factual and informative. Do not spread rumors. Give sources for quotes and provide links to news stories.
3. This is not a place to be a cheerleader for your favorite political party. Please be respectful when addressing the opposition. Labels like "evil liberal" or "blow hard conservative" will not be allowed.
4. Threats of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have a disagreement with an individual take it to a private message.
5. This is a gun board. If you do not regularly post on our firearms discussion forums you will be asked to find another place to talk about your politics. Do not post on the politics forum until after you have said hello and talked a little (50 posts) about your guns.
6. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but if you are shoveling an agenda that is counterproductive to the Second Amendment you will be asked to leave.
7. Arguing with an adminstrator on this forum (regarding the rules, not political opinions) will get you banned faster than on any other.
8. There will be no militia talk tolerated.

Note June 2020 please adhere to these rules