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Thread: Brand New PMR 30 Blows up with CCI Ammo

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    Read my thread it is NOT A AMMO ISSUE IT IS THE FEED RAMP ON THE BARRELS THEY ARE NOT GRINDED PROPERLY IF UR FEED RAMP DIDN'T GO ALL THE WAY TO THE BARREL IT WILL JAM UP EMAIL ME AT. [email protected] i have pictures i will send to ANYONE on how to fix it and every one check ur feed ramps and make sure that it goes alll the way to the barrel if it has a little lip on it it's BAD

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    Just reading up on the PMR 30

    Quote Originally Posted by Warbird1 View Post
    Still looking for that answer...
    In regards to the first reply of the gun blowing up?
    I've watched several videos that gave this gun good reviews.

    I'm became concerned when I read up on the PMR-30.
    Kel-Tec sells a threaded barrel option for this PMR-30 model, but doesn't recommend using a silencer with it.
    The added gas pressure from the silencer could blow up the gun, and the cartridge?! It would also void any warranties.

    When I chose my pocket pistol to carry, I chose a Kimber 9mm Micro.
    The video reviews showed dirt being thrown into it and it still fired.

    It looks like I'm going south on this PMR-30, just like I did with their shot gun. Too many reviews showed bad performance.
    There are way too many gun models out there, and way to many ways to get 30 rounds or more of ammunition into a gun.

    I'm only looking for a 22 to use for cheap target practice and play fun at the range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy888 View Post
    I must say, the occurrences of PMR 30's becoming little grenades is certainly discouraging!! I have a new one that I haven't fired yet. I bought it a few months ago and I'm in Maine. (need I say more?). If things keep going the way they have for the past month, it may be July before it gets above 30 degrees. I also bought four extra mags and, perhaps, 5-6 hundred rounds of ammo. The ammo is of different brands and weights.......all made in America.

    Has anyone found a speedloader that's gentle on the casings? The subject of casing dents (with PMR ammo) seem to come up in all other Kel Tec forums as something to be avoided. Heck - one of the very cool things about the PMR 30 is having 30 rounds of zippy WMR in the palm of ones hand. But I see many who say they only load their mags to 20 rounds.

    BTW, I wanted the tan PMR but won an auction on Gunbroker for the "tungsten" colored model, so.......
    Have been using an American SpeedLoaders 22Mag KelTec "nested" loader and it works great for me. Loades 30 rds. perfectly with no dents.

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