New P-3AT FTE Issues
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Thread: New P-3AT FTE Issues

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    New P-3AT FTE Issues

    Approx 120 rounds mostly Remington Green/white Box, plus 20 Corbin. Experienced at least a half dozen FTE in 50 rounds of shooting. Extracting casing jammed back into next cartridge loading out of the mag.

    Read that the hex screw must be TIGHT! Checked that this evening and actually got a slight turn or two to really snug it down.

    Could this possibly be the culprit?


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    However... it could have been compounded by other things. It's a small gun. It gets dirty quickly. It doesn't like to be dirty. Next time, try cleaning it after every 50 rounds or so. If you NEED more than 50 rounds to get the job done, you should consider a different gun.
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