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Thread: Hood mod, or extractor problem?

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    +1 on Flyer's comments. Guys, pocket pistols require some patience sometimes. Keep posting your progress here and you will get help from people who have a ton of experience with KTs - some are real-life gunsmiths with years of experience. Once you get it working you will have the chance to prove its reliablity through testing - something you should do with any carry firearm. And once it has proven itself to you, there is nothing quite like a 0.77" thick 8.2 ounce pocket pistol.

    The alternative is to get all worked up and dump it for $100 bucks at a pawn shop or LGS. It will be worth a little trouble if you give yourself the chance to get it working.

    edit to add: You will end up knowing way more about how your pistol functions than the guys whose pistols work perfectly right out of the box as well.

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    Yea I'll never make the same mistake twice. I had a XD9 that I only shot every once in a while and never carried it after i got my P3AT. Then i sold it for 1/2 of what i paid now I'm kicking my self in the ace, because I can't find a P-11 to replace it. And I've decided I like my 380 so much I'm going to get the 32 also so I'll have a choice of carry. Plus It gives me an excuse to stay at the gun range a little longer. I'm always willing to learn new things, but at the same time I don't like taking chances tearing something up without a backup. I've also learned there are some very smart people here and on KTOG that when push comes to shove they come up with some amazing idea's.

    Everyone thanks for the help it appears like "we" fixed the problem but I'm going to go shoot @ the range tomorrow so I'll but sure to post a follow up.


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    Hello everyone as you might know I've been having some small issues with my extractor bolt and FP. Well I got some new hex bolts "which" I thought were 6-32X1/4 but there aren't the exact same size as the original hex bolt. So since I had the gun apart I decided to do the best F&B possible using 600 grit sandpaper. I still need to do the magazine, FP, and some other parts. but all in all it went ok.

    So thinking I had fixed the problem I went to the range this afternoon, and was able to shoot 19 rounds of UMC. 1st mag I had zero problems. 2nd mag had 3 Failure to Feed's. 3rd mag had 1 failure to fire. I also noticed a nice fat smiley. The FP came out twice. I lost it the 2nd time so I've gotta make a call to KT and see about getting some spare parts to fix my sidekick.


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