When the P3AT first came out I ordered one. It was everything I needed for a CCW and more. For such a small pistol it had the energy needed for self defense and of the then new 'mouse pistols" has the best accuracy of them all.
Soon after the pistol turned the world on its ear due to its small size and all the makers jumped on the Band Wagon, another company came out with a truly amazing little cartridge for one of their pistols. The .32NAA. I asked Kel-Tec to make drop in barrels for the P3AT and rumor said a "few" were made for local workers/members of a local club.
I placed my name on several list but no one really came to the foreground and made one for sale that wasn't more expensive than the complete pistol.
I did convert several Makarov pistols to .32NAA and was able to enjoy the flat shooting and hard hitting bullets at my range. What the little cartridge can do out of a 4" barrel is really impressive.
That being said,I still want a drop in,replacement barrel for my P3AT in .32NAA.
If anyone knows who may still be offering a replacement barrel I would really like to know about it.
Thanks for any info you may provide.