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    Serial number I.D

    Does anyone know what the Serial number letters and numbers represent? Mine starts with H then 5, V the last two are numbers. I would like to know what it represents.

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    The letters are there because the Office of Homeland Security told KT to start prefixing the serial # with them.
    You've got one of the newest pistols.

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    What does the H stand for and so on?

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    The H stands for nothing as far as anyone knows. It just happens to be the letter that KT started using for P-3ATs when they switched to alphanumeric serial numbers.

    The used to have consecutive numeric serial numbers starting with 0001 and up from there until early this year. It was easy to tell how many pistols had been produced.

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    serial number

    Rick W.
    I called kel-tec to ask about a hc upgrade and also about my serial number. The girl there told me mine was one of the newest with the serial number HB923 , H being the latest start of numbers. Yours also is of the newest.

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