New P-32 , out of box problem
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Thread: New P-32 , out of box problem

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    New P-32 , out of box problem

    I just purchased and brought home a new P-32 today .
    First thing I wanted to do is practice the takedown disassembly .
    Removed mag pulled slide back and held it back .
    Popped out the assembly pin .
    Slowly let slide move forward .
    Slide stops at normal position and will not go further forward and off the frame .
    Any idea what is happening ?

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    The only time this has happened to me is when I forgot to drop the empty mag after using it to lock the slide back & removing the pin. I dropped the mag & it came right off.

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    Hope you have it figured out by now, if not: No need to pull the slide back. All you have to do is drop the mag, clear the weapon, then pull the assembly pin out, move the slide forward and off.

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