Sawed off double barrel shown in movie "Killing them softly?"
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Thread: Sawed off double barrel shown in movie "Killing them softly?"

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    Question Sawed off double barrel shown in movie "Killing them softly?"

    I am not sure if this thing would work or blow up in the users face. Short story the gun used in the movie looked like a sawed off 12 gauge double barrel, it was cut so short that the shells, maybe 3 1/2 inchers showed about 1/2 inch of the shell end sticking out of the barrel. Just "Goggle it" could one actually shoot something like this?
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    Just a note for your information, Byron will not be responding to your question. From what I understand (this was before my time here as well) Byron passed away a couple years ago. Again, from my understanding, as I didn't have the honor of getting to know him, this section of the Forum has been left up to honor his contributions.

    It is my belief, from having read a few of his posts, and comments from other members, that Byron's section was more a humor section than a true Q and A type.

    You could certainly leave your question here, someone else may pop in and have an answer for you. You may also consider reposting it in another section ... perhaps the Lounge (as it's more general conversation) or even the "Other Guns" section (not sure since it's a movie gun rather than a "real" one). Either way, here's hoping someone is able to help you out.


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    You could shoot it, and it won't blow-up in your face (Although I would bet that at least something may be coming back at you.), but it won't be very powerful, and the spread would be unimaginable.
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